Air Source Heat Pump Installations & Maintenance

An air source heat pump installation is an effective, low carbon way of heating your home. With the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive providing cash payments for eligible installations, installing an air source heat pump is an attractive investment.

Air Source Heat Pump Feasibility Assessment

MJL Plumbing Ltd can assess your property to see if it is suitable for the installation of an air source heating system.  Not all properties are suitable for air source systems, but many are.  And many more could be made suitable with some modest alterations to the heating efficiency and insulation levels of the property.

Get in touch with us and one of our engineers can perform a site assessment to check the suitablity of your property, give you an estimate of costs for installation of a system, any remedial measures that may be beneficial, and the potential efficiency levels and energy cost savings that may be achieved.

Air Source Heat Pump Installation

MJL Plumbing Ltd install new heat pump systems throughout the UK.  Whether you are replacing an existing legacy system or have a new build project that requires a heating system our engineers can install a system that suits your needs.  Our air source heat pump systems offer an energy efficient and cost-effective heating solution that is suitable for a wide range of properties. If you have an existing property that requires some upgrades to the insulation, or replacement of radiators to make a system cost effective, we can do this also.  We work with a wide range of building professionals, including carpenters, plasterers, decorators, roofers and builders so we can be your ‘one stop shop’  air source heating installers.

We are MCS Approved and air source heat pumps are covered by the Government’s Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), meaning you could get money towards your new heat pump. For more information or for a quote for installation, be sure to contact us today.

Air Source Heat Pump Servicing

Air source heat pumps are simpler to run than traditional gas boilers so require less frequent servicing to maintain efficiency.  Should you require an expert engineer to perform a service or check your system for faults or efficiency improvements please get in touch with MJL Plumbing Ltd and we will be happy to help.